Thursday, August 4, 2011

Awash with Flowers

This card is one that I chose for one of my open house projects.  I just loved a card by Nancy Riley which was my inspiration for this project.  Because I have the clear mount version of this stamp set, I wanted to show my stampers how to arrange the line art images on the clear block all at one time.

The first step is to arrange the line images in the desired locations and press the clear block down firmly so the stamps will adhere to the block.

Turn the block over and ink the stamps with Basic Black ink.  Stamp them on the card ( I used a top note die cut). 

Add some stems and more small flowers to fill in the background.  After this step, the stamps can be removed from the clear blocks and cleaned.

Next you will place the solid stamp images directly on the stamped  line art.

Carefully place the clear block on the stamps and press firmly to keep them in place.

Turn the block over and  begin coloring the rubber with selected markers.

Color all of the images.  Then huff on the stamp to moisten the ink before stamping.

Color the additional flowers and tiny leaves with markers.  Complete other layers on the card as desired. 

I hope you'll find this an easy and fun project!  Happy Stamping!


soggystamper said...

Great tutorial, Diane! Thanks for taking the time to write it.
Sue aka The Soggy Stamper

Nancy Riley said...

Love your version of the cards, and the helpful hint! Thanks for the kind mention!

Catherine Harwood said...

Love how you stamped all the images at once and added the color -- very clever.

Back Porch Stamper said...

Thanks, Catherine! That's a tip I picked up at convention!